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Cedar Springs Pastoral Charge
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Here we will tell the story of the beginnings of our church and how we became what we are today.


Cedar Springs United Church was founded in 1874. We have a long history of worship dating from saddleback preachers and circuit rider ministry in the days of our pioneers to our present ministry.

The supporters of this church have traditionally been farm families and residents of Cedar Springs and the surrounding area. Cedar Springs United Church was originally built in 1874. The charge was formed in August 10, 1891. The current building was built in 1951. Over the years; members and adherents have worked diligently to maintain the church through generous donations, hard work and willingly providing their time and energy to numerous projects. It is a beautiful building, which captures our past and present history. There is a stained glass window which depicts our early ministry of saddleback preachers and pioneer beginnings. A new set of stained glass windows depicting the life of Christ has also recently been dedicated in the Cedar Springs United Church. Sadly, Cedar Springs church closed on June 23, 2013. The building has now been sold.


In the middle of the 1800's some parents of Fourth Line district decided they should build a church and have a place for their young folk to go instead of going to the beach on Sunday. Bruce Cameron donated the corner land where our present church stands, and a little church was built. It was a branch of the Wesley and Methodist Church, the circuit consisting of Blenheim, Fourth Line, Hawley's, Bridge Ends, Wesley and Charing Cross. Two circuit preachers and a staff of local preachers served the whole area. One of the outstanding local preachers was the late Joseph Clark, who served over 50 years.

The first brick church was built in 1877. The framed church was moved to the James Allison farm. Rev. D. Hunt and Rev. C.C. Cousins were in charge of the dedication services. When this church was opened, it was Wesleyan Methodist, which was a union of the Canadian Conference of Methodists and the British Church, Cedar Springs Episcopal Methodist and Pardoville Primitive Methodist. On August 10, 1891, Fourth Line, Cedar Springs and Pardoville became supervised under one pastor. On June 10, 1925, the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches joined together to form the United Church of Canada.

A drive shed was built for the horses, and after people owned cars, most of the shed was sold, but a small piece still remains today for storage.

The Jubilee services aroused a new enthusiasm to build a new church. The building committee decided that the plans should follow those of North Street United Church, south of Lambeth, with some minor changes. Sunday School and church services were held every afternoon at No. 4 school, a half mile east of Old Street, until the new church was completed. Early in the spring, the men of the congregation with teams of horses and scrapers dug the basement and drew gravel for the foundation.

On August 10, 1928, the corner stones were laid. At the east corner of the church, a stone was laid by the President of the Ladies Aid, Mrs. Robert Green. Another was laid at the north corner by the Sunday School Superintendent, J.B. Clark. Also, the one from the old church was laid by J.B. Snobelen, assisted by his grandson, Charles, with the new date stone being laid by T.C. Warwick. The new church was opened on December 2, 1928. The Rev. C. Brown of London, representing London Conference with Rev. James McCrea of South Buxton, chairman of Kent Presbytery, helping our minister, Rev. R.H. Parr. Special services were held on Sunday and Monday, April 27 and 28, 1941, for the burning of the mortgage.

In 1979, renovations began by the men of the congregation getting together to do the demolition work of the tower to:
1. Correct problems with the tower structure.
2. Totally correct problem with stairs going to the basement.
3. Correct deteriorating doors and frame.
4. Correct deteriorating sash and frame of windows.

The Fourth Line United Church has always been a congregation characterized by a deep and loyal Christian fellowship among its members. Yet, throughout its history, it has been involved with other congregations, first the Blenheim Methodist and later the Cedar Springs United Church.

Cedar Springs Pastoral Charge

8647 Talbot Trail

Cedar Springs Ontario N0P 1E0